Illinois Tollway  Diversity Program Capture

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NOTICE:  This system is the property of the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority (“Tollway”) and is to be used for official business purposes only. Specifically, in this case, this system is to be used solely for the purpose of submitting information relative to DBE/MBE/WBE participation. Users of this system should understand that they have no reasonable expectation of privacy with regard to the information they may enter, send, view or store in any database or information system that is owned by the Tollway and that they may be monitored to the extent necessary to enforce the Tollway policies and procedures and other applicable state and federal laws.

Any attempt to utilize this system, or access thereto, for a purpose other than set forth above, is considered by the Tollway to be inappropriate and a serious breach of security. Such action will be grounds for the Tollway to pursue remedial action under the terms of your contract with the Tollway, including but not limited to termination of that contract.